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Chemical Research and Services Ltd.


1. Custom synthesis

We are synthesizing materials for our customers at various fields of organic chemistry from g to kg scale. These materials typically are not available or very expensive at catalogue companies.


2. Synthesis of the first 100-200 g of a material

When a compound was prepared in the research lab in gram quantities and larger amounts are required, the next task is preparation of the material on 100 g scale. This amount must be produced without column chromatography. Sometimes the reaction sequence requires modification. The procedure will be the basis of the pilot plant scale-up experiments. We have fully equipped up to 10 L scale. In-lab GC and HPLC and the NMR help us to find the way effectively how to prepare this amount.


3. Process research

Before scaling-up a lab procedure, reaction conditions should be optimised. The optimisation goals may be

      • minimum cost with maximum yield,
      • scalable robust procedure,
      • environmentaland safety, considerations,
      • appropriate combination of all of these.

This type of work requires certain lab experience, some industrial point of view, efficient experimental design, good analytical and chromatography background. We can use routinely in-lab GC and HPLC not only for product analyses but monitoring reactions.


4. Carbohydrate chemistry

As our company name suggests, we enjoy working on quite different fields of organic chemistry. However, in the last 3 years we were involved in a significant carbohydrate chemistry project: industrialisation of a biologically active oligosacharide. It means that we have got experienced in carbohydrate chemistry.






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